Did you grow up speaking French in Louisiana?  No, though I know many people in Louisiana who speak Cajun French I didn’t grow up speaking it.

How long have you been teaching French?  I got my first job teaching French in 1995, and I’ve been teaching ever since except for a small break of 2 years when I was working on my M.A. in French, got married, and lived in France for a year.

How long have you been living in France, and do you speak French at home?  I relocated to France with my family in the summer of 2013.  Though we only spoke French at home while living in the US, we now do our very best to only speak English when the kids are around.  

When did you start selling on TpT?  I officially opened my store in 2013, but I only had a few resources for sale and didn’t do much with it.  It was in September of 2016 that I decided to really give it a go and devote a lot of time and energy to my store.

Do you still teach French now that you live in France?  Yes, I still teach French, but not in a traditional classroom.  I now work for myself teaching French online a few days a week, and my husband and I run a weekly French conversation group at a café in our town. 

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