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➤ Do you ever see a bundle and decide it has too much or too little of what you need?

➤ Do you ever wish you could personalize a bundle to leave out what you don’t want?

➤ Do you think it would be nice not to wait for a sale to get 20% off your purchase?

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STEP 1:  Browse around my TpT store and make a list of the resources you would like to add to your bundle.  Copy and paste the title and URL of each item in a document or email to send me.  You must include at least 3 items, but no more than 60.  Your total before the discount must be at least $20.  You can’t add already bundled items to your package as they’re already heavily discounted.  This offer is not available on sale items.

STEP 2:   Send me your list via email.  Within 48 hours I will create your bundle on TpT and I’ll send you a link when it’s ready.  I will deduct 20% from the total of the bundle you create for yourself.

STEP 3:  Pay for your bundle on TpT and get ready to download all of your new stuff!

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